Thursday, 2 September 2010

Interplay Recommences Publishing With Interplay Discovery Program

Games publisher Interplay is due to return to publisher status in the games industry with the announcement of its Interplay Discovery program in a recent press release.

A blurb in the statement from Interplay CEO Hervé Caen reads “Interplay Discovery will introduce promising developers from all over the world to the global market by releasing great new games at great prices,” with two titles named Pinball Yeah from Portuguese developer CodeRunners and Tommy Tronic coming from Ukranian-based developer Oasis Games.

The Interplay Discovery Publishing Program has been set up for helping developers with a complete or nearly complete game get published. Pinball Yeah will see release on Mac, PC and the iPad/Phone4 whilst Tommy Tronic will receive a PC release with both titles due to be launched in October.

Are you excited that Interplay are getting back into the publishing business? And do you see many interesting collaborations between the publisher and future developers? Direct your thoughts to the comments below.

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