Thursday, 2 September 2010

God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta PSP Bundle Detailed

An update on the US Playstation Blog has unveiled the box art for the upcoming PSP God of War title Ghost of Sparta as well as the bundle that will be released with the game.

Eager eyes can see the box art for the US version of the title that will be released on November 2nd and can also read of what will be include in the PSP bundle that is due to ship when the game is available. Included in the bundle will be:
* Black and Red Two-Toned PSP-3000

* God of War: Ghost of Sparta UMD Game– After God of War concludes, Ghost of Sparta begins with the story of Kratos’ ascension to power as the God of War.

* God of War: Chains of Olympus PlayStation Network Downloadable Game Voucher – Before the events of God of War, experience Kratos’ journey during the 10-years of servitude to the Gods of Olympus in one of the most highly acclaimed action titles of all time!

* Kick Ass – UMD Movie

* 2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo
Seems like an interesting package given that you can get a digital copy of the first PSP God of War with the bundle and a UMD version of the film adaptation of Mark Miller's comic Kick-Ass as well. The black and red PSP doesn't look too bad either.

Hope a similar special edition package gets released in the UK? And are you excited for the upcoming God of War: Ghost of Sparta?

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