Thursday, 2 September 2010

Gamers Will Get To Play Ni no Kuni First-Hand At TGS

The upcoming collaboration between developer Level 5 and Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli, Ni no Kuni, will be available in playable form at this year's Tokyo Games Show.

Consumers who attend this year's show in mid-September will be able to try out the PS3 and DS versions of the upcoming title that sees the artistic hands of Studio Ghibli woven beautifully into the upcoming title. The list of titles Level 5 will be showing TGS includes the aforementioned as well as:
* Mystery Room (DS)
* Danbol Senki (PSP)
* Inazuma Eleven 3 (DS)
* Secret Game! (??)
The remaining mystery title is due to be revealed the day before TGS gets underway on September 15th. Keep on checking for the announcement and updates on Ni no Kuni as and when we get them.

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