Monday, 6 September 2010

Epic Developing Triple-A Titles For iPhone

Epic Games president Mike Capps has revealed the developer has serious plans to bring Triple-A titles to the iPhone. Capps stated it wouldn't be beneficial to compete with the existing casual title:
“It would not be smart to compete with the Bejeweleds and Angry Birds of the world on the iPhone."

“Everything’s supported. The difference, of course, is that it’s not quite as powerful a graphics processor as on the Xbox 360, so you’ll probably do some custom content work, but you’re using the same tool chain of UnrealEd and Kismet and the same physics tools and everything.”

“With the expansion of the Unreal Development Kit, we’ve got hundreds of thousands of folks who are messing around with the tools doing smaller projects, he adds. So we’re not really just about giant triple-A console games anymore. Those are the ones Mass Effect gets press, but there are lots of small hobby groups or casual gamers using Unreal Engine. I think it’s perfect for them. It’s what they’ve been missing.”
Capps went on to state it wouldn't just be Gears of War, but other top titles such as Shadow Complex. The developer has already shown off an Unreal Tournament 3 tech demo on iPhone. We were given a personal demonstration of it running on an Android OS based tablet at the Game Horizon Conference earlier this year.

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