Thursday, 2 September 2010

Catherine Director Gives Out New Info In Blog Update

Katsura Hashino, director of upcoming Atlus title Catherine, has unveiled new details on the title in his first blog post on the website for the game.

Part of the post refers to people's views on members of the team who worked on the Persona games coming on board for development of Catherine. Hashino comments that:
"While we get some people saying the Persona team should make Persona, we also hear some people saying 'I'm not sure why, but I'm looking forward to it.' (Although perhaps they're looking forward to the eroticism...?)."
He also said that future blog updates will be posted by himself as well the long-serving character designer for Atlus Shigenori Soejima (who worked on Persona 3 & 4 and composer for the aforementioned titles as well as many others by Atlus, Shouji Meguro.)

As to whether development on the title will be affected by recent news that JRPG Publisher Atlus is Dissolved remains to be seen but be sure to continue checking back for updates on the situation and Catherine as they become available.

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