Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Visual Concepts Cuts 30 Jobs

Visual Concepts, developers of the 2K series of sports games, has just cut 30 jobs from it's workforce the studio confirmed. Take-Two VP of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Alan Lewis commented:
"In order to properly align its resources with its current and future goals, and to continue to develop games as efficiently as possible, 2K Sports has eliminated approximately 30 positions at its Visual Concepts studio. These reductions will not affect 2K Sports' ability to create and deliver AAA titles, including its upcoming release of NBA 2K11."
This is all done right as NBA 2K11 and NHL 2K11 are finishing up, too. How's that for loyalty? "Good work on the game! Here's a box, this friendly security person is going to treat you like a criminal while you clean out your desk!" What's notable is that NBA 2K10 had massive QA issues, requiring multiple patches to make the game playable. The last thing they should be doing is eliminating jobs.

Regardless, you never want to see people losing their jobs, especially in this economy.

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