Thursday, 26 August 2010

Valve Interested In Steamworks On Xbox 360, Limited By Microsoft Restrictions

Sony and Valve shocked the world by announcing that Valve's Steamworks software would be available on the PlayStation 3, which then led Valve to say that the PlayStation was "incredibly valuable" to Valve. In an interview with CVG, Erik Johnson stated that they would "love to try" Steamworks on the 360, but that Microsoft's closed, proprietary online system stood in the way. Adding that it was "not up to (them)", Mr. Johnson noted that Microsoft does not allow any software that allows a game to update itself without going through Microsoft's patch vetting process.

This is the same policy that led to Square Enix choosing not to put their latest MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, on the system.

Microsoft's Live system almost literally prints money for Microsoft, due to the fact that anything remotely useful is tied to Xbox Live Gold, a paid service. This system is profitable, but is going to continue to cost Microsoft certain AAA titles as more publishers start making demands on what they can do with their games on the service.

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