Thursday, 19 August 2010

Valve: "Half-Life 2 Is Our Benchmark For Future Efforts"

In a recent interview, Valve's director of Business Development Jason Holtman and marketing VP Doug Lombardi discussed the company's future plans as well as how Half Life 2 is the game they hope future projects can match.

The interview includes a question regarding the release of upcoming title Portal 2 launching on four different formats, to which Lombardi replied:
"Well, it's forever going to be competing with Half-Life 2. Everything that we do competes with Half Life 2. That was a huge, huge launch. It was six million or something in the first year, so we're always chasing that one."
Seems like the guys at Valve are pretty hard on themselves when it comes to wanting to achieve the lofty sales heights of Half Life 2 as many of their titles after that title's launch have been debatably as good, if not better wouldn’t you agree?

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