Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Uniloc Sues Sony, Activision, Others Over Patent

Security company Uniloc, makers of copy protection and DRM schemes for select PC titles, is suing a multitude of software companies, among them Sony America, Activision-Blizzard, Aspy Media and Adobe, for violating a patent that centres on registering software.
"At issue is Uniloc’s U.S. Patent # 5,490,216 (Exhibit A PDF), entitled “System for Software Registration.” Uiloc alleges that the defendants “directly and/or indirectly infringed at least one claim of the ‘216 patent” by “among other things, making, using, offering for sale, selling and/or importing a system, device and/or method for reducing software piracy, reducing casual copying and/or reducing the unauthorized use of software, including without limitation.” "
I find it just a little ironic that Sony - who are behind the much-hated SecuROM DRM - is one of the defendants in this suit. As for Uniloc, their DRM is featured in Sports Interactive's Football Manager titles, and as far as DRM schemes go, it's pretty good, as it doesn't force software to run in the background and only serves to register the game.

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