Tuesday, 31 August 2010

UNICO Claims Victory Over Mafia II NYC-Based Marketing Event

UNICO National, a service organization for Italian-Americans, is claiming a victory due to what was perceived as a poor showing at a launch party at the 92nd St. Y's Tribeca Center in New York City for the Mafia II game. The party was sponsored by Take-Two and was run by Gamertag Radio. Chief media executive Andre' DiMino stated that the group's efforts caused the event - a lavish party, all said - was a "dismal failure". This is after Mr. DiMino demanded that Take-Two halt all Mafia II sales due to discrimination against Italians and Italian-Americans:
"I believe the combined result of our activities was that, without acknowledging our efforts, both Take-Two and the 92nd Street Y became very hesitant to heavily promote ethnic bashing in this very public way. The lack of media coverage for the launch party is another indicator that they pulled back on promoting this event."
Mr. DiMino is being intellectually dishonest with everything he has said about this game, and the event in question. I wasn't able to attend the event due to previous commitments, but I know a lot of people - including journalists - who went, and they all confirmed that the event was definitely NOT a failure. It was everything they figured it would be: virtually no steak, but a lot of sizzle, not to mention alcohol. I wasn't about to change my plans to go to an event where there wasn't going to be much to legitimately report on ("Everyone's shitfaced and trying to get laid, here's Tom with the weather" doesn't make editors happy), but everything they wanted to do, I'm hearing, was done.

The party was a success on all fronts that it was intended to be a success on, and Mr. DiMino celebrating the event "failing" is like Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf - commonly known as "Baghdad Bob" - proclaiming that the American Army were committing suicide outside of Baghdad's gates while American tanks were literally outside his front door.

After his "victory" over Mafia II, maybe Mr. DiMino's next step is to demand that the estate of Mario Puzo remove all novels and movies referencing The Godfather.

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