Monday, 30 August 2010

Ubisoft Doesn't See Movie Or Kinect Extending Console Life

Ubisoft, or its' European MD Alain Corre, doesn't believe that the upcoming motion control devices from Sony and Microsoft will extend the life of their respective machines.

Corre has offered his opinions on whether the controllers will truly extend the life-cycle of the Xbox 360 and PS3 for the next five years. He said on the matter:
"Yes, it's a good extension of the life-cycle for a certain length of time and it's also a good way to capture some consumers they didn't have on the casual side"

"Now, will it prevent them from releasing brand new technology in the next five years? I don't think so."
Corre goes on to explain that he sees people's attentions being diverted towards the 3DS instead when it is released next year:
"We're very confident that the machine will lift the handheld market, which is what we need."
Seems like the MD of Ubisoft Europe is very confident about his stance on the Move, Kinect and 3DS. Do you agree with his opinions or do you see all three devices battling it out over the next few years (anyone remember the Nintendo Wii whilst we're at it?)

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