Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Tower Defence Game Goes With "Pay What You Want" Pricing

Taking a cue from the Humble Indie Bundle Radical Poesis Games & Creations is allowing gamers to pay whatever they want for Immortal Defense, a tower defence game that formerly cost $22.95 USD. According to GamePolitics.com, this is not a temporary sale, but a change that will serve as a test as to whether or not this is a viable pricing scheme for other games such as Saturated Dreamers.

Unlike the Humble Indie Bundle, there is a minimum charge of $1.75 that covers fees and bandwidth, and the game is only available for Windows. However, the game contains no DRM, and for those unsure if they want to purchase yet, there's a lengthy demo available.

I played the game, and it's a very interesting take on a common genre. I definitely recommend at least checking out the demo. More info here.

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