Wednesday, 11 August 2010

THQ's Danny Bilson: EA Was Working On Iraq War Game

When Danny Bilson, who is currently an executive at THQ, was with Electronic Arts, the company was working on a game about the Iraq War, he revealed in an interview with CVG.
"Also, we're a global business! I mean ghee whiz! When I worked at my former company [EA], I had to go to the UK in the middle of the Iraq war and try to talk to them about a game that we never wound up finishing - it was well built up - that was that stuff, right? Remember, even in America you're split 50/50 on this stuff. You go overseas, and if you're an unconscious American, you walk into a wall. Or you just don't sell. This is a human story. It's not an American story. And it absolutely will expand beyond the States in future."
As we're seeing with the stink about the latest Medal of Honor game as well as what happened with Six Days in Fallujah, some topics, as of this point, are off-limits for video games in the eyes of many. The Iraq War, which I was involved in in the beginning stages in 2003, and which affects millions of lives across the globe even today, is one of those. I, personally, subscribe to the notion that games are art and that sometimes, we need to discuss things that are uncomfortable for others, but this is too much for a majority of people. Considering that, it's easy to see why a game like this was cancelled.

I definitely recommend reading both parts of the Bilson interview. As CVG notes in part 1, the man deeply cares about his games, and the industry, and it's refreshing to see someone like this in such a high position. Pay attention, Bob Kotick.

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