Tuesday, 10 August 2010

THQ Confident Homefront Will Be Genre Competitive

THQ's head of marketing in the UK, Jon Rooke has said the publisher is 'very confident' that upcoming title, Homefront will be 'genre competitive':
“We have to be careful – we’re very confident about the brand, but we’re not going out and saying that it’s going to be bigger than Modern Warfare."

“We’re not going to do what maybe some of competitors do, and set themselves up to fail on that stage."

“We believe it’s an absolutely fantastic product – it’s going to be genre-competitive and actually stand out in a number of areas. But we’re also very conscious that this is a new IP, and first time in a franchise."

“So I wouldn’t necessarily use myself the words ‘It’s a world-beater’ – because I think that conjures up the idea that we’ll be the best-selling first-person shooter game next year. We won’t – because there’ll be another Call of Duty, which will do that.”
Hmm, can't say we're on the edge of our seats with this one, but hey we'll give it a chance. Anything for a giggle. It's due to release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC next year.

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