Monday, 23 August 2010

Sony Loses Invention Lawsuit

Sony has lost a lawsuit filed by a former employee in 2003. They will have to pay ¥5.1m ($60,000/£38,481) to inventor Hidehiro Kume.

Mr. Kume filed the suit in 2003, seeking ¥100m ($1.2m/£770K) in damages for the misappropriation of his invention, an optical pick-up used to play and record data on optical discs (CDs/DVDs). Sony is investigating whether or not they want to appeal.

Considering the effect that Mr. Kume's invention had - simply put, I doubt the PlayStation would have been possible in its current iteration without it - this seems like chump change. To his credit, Mr. Kume handled the decision with class:
''I thank the court for identifying some of my contributions to the company. But the company should have appreciated my contributions when I was an employee."

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