Friday, 27 August 2010

Sony Expecting Slow Uptake For Move

Sony Computer Entertainment SVP Ray Maguire is under no illusions about Sony Move's penetration into the gaming market, stating that he wasn't "particularly" expecting a huge day one with the Wii knock-off. Comparing it to the EyeToy, he went on to say that word of mouth grew the market share for the EyeToy, and he expected the same thing for Move.
"As people saw the value when they tried it they told their friends. Their friends bought it. They told their friends. Word of mouth grew the marketplace. That's what I expect from Move as well."
It's the same story with any piece of kit: software moves hardware sales. Move will not sell until there are killer apps that make people want to buy Move to play a specific game. It's as simple as that, and it's the same way that systems sell. No one cares about gimmicks. It's all about the games.

There is one statement that I take a slight umbrage with:
"When we see people sampling it the outcome is everyone's delighted by the experience."
Uh... Mr. Maguire?

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