Monday, 30 August 2010

Sky Player A Top 5 Contenter On Xboxo 360

It appears that Sky Player on the Xbox 360 has proved to be quite a success for Microsoft if Xbox Live Studios Soho general manager Jerry Johnson is to be believed as he has equated its consumer interest to that of a top 5 selling game on the system.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival today, Johnson said of the Sky Player, available on the Xbox 360, that:
"If Sky was a title in the UK market, it would be one of the top played titles on an evergreen basis. It's not Call of Duty, but it's up there as one of the top five or ten titles on a consistent basis over time."
He also went on to discuss how Kinect's launch will not interfere with dedicated gamers still be catered for on Microsoft's console:
"I know there's a lot of controversy over, are you turning your back on the core gamer? Are you just focused on the Wii bunch? My answer to that is an emphatic no."
He also added that:
"Kinect, we believe, introduces the ability to interact with content in a way people haven't even imagined yet. There are a lot of different things you'll see that one might expect from Kinect, but some of the magic is going to come from the things that people don't expect."
So thumbs up for Sky Player's success on the Xbox but what are these things that people won't expect that Johnson is referring too?

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