Monday, 9 August 2010

Shining Legend Announced

First, Sega announced Shining Hearts, a traditional RPG that is sure to frustrate fans of Shining Force due to how unlike those games it is. Today, they announced, via a new site, Shining Legend. Second verse, same as the first:
"Developed by Kingdom Under Fire developer Blue Seed as the studio's first DS title, Shining Legend is an action RPG where you travel to over 40 lands and partake in over 400 quests, eventually arriving at one of many dozens of endings."
So one's a traditional RPG, the other's an action RPG, and the only strategy RPG they've released is almost 20 years old, for the iPhone. I have no further commentary that can be repeated among polite company. With that said, there is an English version of the game's website (linked above), so there's strong hope of this being localized.

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