Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sega Announces Shining Hearts

Do you miss Shining Force, like me? Do you wish Sega would release another great Shining Force game like their old Mega Drive titles? If so, Sega says you can go forth and multiply. Famitsu has revealed Shining Hearts for the PSP, which is being described as a traditional RPG. Here's a run-down from 1UP:
"Judging by the initial previews, Shining Hearts is a curious mix of RPG and Animal Crossing-style lifestyle sim. Your party is free to do largely whatever it wants on the island, whether carrying out story missions, accepting quests from villagers, or engaging in material-collection mini-games like fishing and fruit picking. As you advance the story, you pick up "hearts" from other characters that not only help Kaguya recover bits of her memory, but also allow the island itself to grow and expand. You also have a ship that starts out as a broken-down wooden boat but eventually gets upgraded to a large-scale craft as you collect these hearts."
Hear that thumping sound? That's a Shining fan who hasn't played a good Shining game since the Saturn era banging his head. The game will see release in Japan in the winter for 6,279¥.

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