Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Reports Claim This Is Vegas Scrapped

This Is Vegas was an open-world action/party game set in the titular Sin City, developed by Surreal Software and funded by Midway. Warner Bros. bought the IP as well as the developer last year when they took over Midway’s assets.

According to reports, its total development costs to date amounted to almost 50 million US dollars, and apparently Warner has scrapped the development entirely.

Surreal Software was quietly closed down earlier this year, and This Is Vegas had been in development limbo for some time, with lots of unofficial delays since its announcement and a release date looking nowhere near.

Apparently Midway spent a massive $43 million on it, with Warner’s bills over the last year taking it up to nearly $50 million. To put this into some context, GTA IV allegedly cost around $100 million, Halo 3 around $55 million and God of War III cost $44 million. Looks like Midway’s investment was very ill-thought.

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