Thursday, 26 August 2010

Realtime Worlds' Former Employee's Wife Blames Management

A post on the blog of one of the staff members of former developer Realtime Worlds has expressed his opinions of the cause for the dissolution of the company. However, his wife shows less restraint in her opinions of her husband's former company in the comments section.

In the post Luke Haliwell, formerly an employee at Realtime Worlds, expresses his dismay at not being paid for his last month's work at the company as well as not receiving redundancy pay and unused holidays as well. He further highlights his frustration over the whole matter given that on the Realtime Worlds website there is a message that reads:
“The company is on very secure footing from significant investment and dealings only with top-tier partners.”
More vocal than Mr. Halliwell is his wife who expressed her opinions on the matter in the comments section of the same post. She explains that she has 'neither the class nor the restraint my husband has displayed.' and goes on to explain how the situation has caused them to relocate to the US in the near future and shaken up the life of their family.

She also launches into an attack on Realtime Worlds execs. Dave Jones and Ian Hetherington, explaining that they 'have pissed away millions, they are getting away with not paying over 200 employees for the work that they have done and have fiddled their way to being able to buy back Project:MyWorld for cheap.'

Mr. Halliwell is due to start a new role in the US in a non-games-related capacity and hopefully things work out for the best for him and his family. Just hope you never cross his wife on a bad day!

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