Monday, 30 August 2010

Rare: Core Gamers Should Try Kinect

Rare wants to let you know something: Kinect is very good. And it has nothing to do with the fact that they have a Wii Sports wannabe coming out for the system! Honest!

Speaking to Eurogamer, Development Director Nick Burton has cautioned gamers about dismissing Kinect sight unseen.
"All I can say to the core is go and have a go. It doesn't even have to be necessarily Kinect Sports. Go and have a go on Kinect, period... It's one of those things you've got to have what I call your Kinect moment, when you realise... And we see this, we saw it at gamescom and E3, people go, 'Oh, it's way better than I expected. It's way more high fidelity than I expected.'"
OK, Mr. Burton, let's hear from a core gamer that HAS played Kinect for more than "a few seconds": Kinect is pants. I got a chance to try EA Sports Active 2, and EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp. I jogged in place at various speeds, jumped, and pretended to catch balls while noticing a definite lag between my actions and what was happening on the screen. As soon as I so much as mentioned that I wasn't completely enamored with what I was doing, they got me off the system as quickly as possible.

These people aren't telling you "it's way better" because they like it, they're telling you that because they don't want to lose access! I have not talked to one industry reporter who played Kinect and had a positive opinion of it, and I speak to a lot of people. So to assume that we're all like the people that whined about Modern Warfare 2 and then bought it like good consumers is pretty insulting.

It should also be noted that Kinect Sports is one of the major reasons that MundoRare, the notable, Rare-centric fan community, closed down.

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