Monday, 2 August 2010

R4 Ban Also Covers Other Cartridges Too

The recent High Court ruling making the R4 cartridge for the DS illegal in the UK also extends over to other devices that perform the task on the Nintendo DS. This covers the devices R4 DS, CycloDS Evolution, M3 DS, DS Linker, EZ, DS One Supercard, DSTT, N5 and Acekard, all of which were sold by defendant Playables Ltd. The Honourable Mr. Justice Floyd had this to say on the court case:
“Each game card has the code relevant to the NLDF installed on it. I cannot see how it can be said that Nintendo authorised the copying of this into RAM. The accused devices are much more than the reel-to-reel tape recorders in CBS v Amstrad (1998). They are templates for infringement.”
Although it is still legal to own these products the decision handed down by court means that it is illegal to manufacture, import, distribute or sell devices that allow the bypassing of the DS’ security measures. Just don’t be the ones selling these devices in the near future is all I’ll say.

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