Friday, 13 August 2010

PSP Yakuza Shows Off New Characters

SEGA has recently revealed three new characters for their upcoming PSP spin-off title to the Yakuza series, entitled Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther.

They include returning face Sai the Florist who has appeared in every instalment of the Yakuza franchise to date. Three new faces have also been revealed with Yurika (in-game area Kamuro-cho's number 1 hostess), Shou Hyuga who serves as a UFC-style fighter in the game's Dragon Heat Tournament and Chiaki who is an undercover journalist who has infiltrated one of the hostess clubs in Kamuro-cho to get the dirty on the Tojo clan.

The game is due for release in Japan on September 22nd and will be available via UMD and direct download. If the game can keep the intensity and fun of the battle system of its PS3 brethren then we'll have hours of OTT brawling to enjoy on the go. Anyone up for a European release?

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