Friday, 13 August 2010

Professor Layton And The Lost Future Dated For October

Professor Layton fans should be happy to hear that the third game in the franchise is getting a release this Autumn. The third title in the franchise, Professor Layton and the Lost Future is due for release in Europe on October 22nd.

Layton and his trusted sidekick Luke will take on a new mystery that revolves around a letter sent from Luke 10 years in the future from when the game takes place. There will be 165 new puzzles included and access to extra content via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection will also be available in this instalment.

The previous Professor Layton games have been praised all around generally by gamers and the press alike. Are you hoping that Professor Layton and the Lost Future lives up to the series' renowned quality or are you happy to have another adventure with the professor with a dashing top hat?

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