Friday, 6 August 2010

Nippon Ichi Co-Developing... Girl Punishment RPG

File this under "WTF Japan".

Nippon Ichi and Last Ranker developer Imageepoch are working on a RPG where you, a guard in criminal hell, are in charge of rehabilitating girls that personify the seven deadly sins.

It gets better:

How you go about reforming the girls is where the "punish" part of the genre comes into play. You'll apparently be able to physically punish the girls. Screens in the magazine show the option for spanking, for instance. Some of these punishments require the game to use mosaics so that you don't see certain areas.

When I first saw this a couple days ago, I didn't report on it. I felt the "leak" from Dengeki was not enough to go off of, and really... a game where you spank girls to rehabilitate them? That sounds like a hentai game instead of something developed by the same people that gave us Disgaea. This is one of those cases where enough people picked up on it and reported it that I am almost obligated to cover it, as daft as it is.

For the morbidly curious, check out more screenshots here. With that said, I'd be shocked if this made it outside of Japan.

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