Monday, 2 August 2010

Nintendo Announces Face Training

Fans of Brain Training, Sight Training and Personal Trainer on the DS can rejoice: following months of hype on forums and rumours circulating the Internet, Nintendo have finally announced Face Training for the DSi. We’ll let the thrilling press release do the talking:
“[The game will] strengthen and relax six different areas of your face through simple, daily exercises … which could all help you in your task to facial wellness.”

“Bonus features include unique mirror angles to experiment with, so you can check your face from different viewpoints and perspectives, which you would be unable to with a normal mirror.”
No release date has been announced yet, but we’ve heard unconfirmed reports that Ghost Recon: Future Soldiers and SOCOM 4 were both delayed to avoid clashing with Face Training. We’ll keep you posted.

Face Training will be released in Europe on September 24th.

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