Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Next Level Dundee Event Dates Announced

September 6th-10th are the dates the University of Abertay Dundee has set to host the Next Level Dundee this year, an event that helps those intending to go into the UK’s creative industries. Among those in attendance will be representatives of Abertay University, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Tay Screen and Realtime Worlds as well as others in the industry who are as of yet to be decided. The event’s organiser Iain Smith had this to say about the event:
"Last year's Next Level Dundee was a huge success, giving hugely talented people looking for their break into the creative industries a chance to work alongside professionals, and have their work showcased to the public at the NEoN Digital Arts Festival."
"This year we've recruited more varied industry mentors, and are looking for a wider range of skills including art, film and animation. I'm expecting very exciting, very interesting work to be produced by all the successful teams."
If you want to take part then you have to submit an application via this link and the closing date for these is August 23rd. Quite interesting if you have games design-related talents and want to put them to good use.

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