Friday, 6 August 2010

Namco Bandai Stems Losses, Narrows Focus

When you're losing money hand over fist, you look for any good news you can find. Losing less money hand over fist than you did in a previous year qualifies.

As a company overall (Namco Bandai is also comprised of toy and arcade businesses), the company cut its losses by almost half, from 2.8 billion yen ($32.9 million) to 1.6 billion yen ($18.7 million) year over year.

Gamasutra goes on to note that while the games sector did better than the previous year, software sales took a hit, with only Tekken 6 doing well.

As hinted with their Group Restart Plan back in February, Namco Bandai is narrowing their focus, and exploiting known franchises such as Tekken and Dragon Ball. They're also planning on localizing God Eater: Burst, which can be described as a Monster Hunter clone.

Due to this narrowed focus, don't expect a lot of Namco's more niche offerings - especially those in the Tales franchise - to make it across the pond.

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