Friday, 13 August 2010

MGS: Rising Shows New Face - Mostly Free Of Returning Characters

Games magazine Games TM held a recent interview with the creative producer and director of upcoming title Metal Gear Solid Rising. The interview provides many interesting titbits of information, including when Mr. Matsuyama was quizzed regarding whether we will see many returning characters from the older MGS games:
"To answer your question about returning characters, we're probably not going to show too many characters in Rising because, since it's a new part of a series, we don't really want to refer to and dwell upon the Metal Gear saga so much."

"We want newcomers to the game to come in and play freely without needing to know and understand the background of the whole Metal Gear Solid universe."..."We don't want to have it all tied up with the story from MGS2 or MGS4 and make it too complicated."
Good to see that the developers are working on and producing an action title that won’t alienate new players yet will hopefully satisfy loyal fans of the MGS franchise as well. Is that what you want to see in Metal Gear Rising when it is released?

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