Monday, 2 August 2010

Last Week’s Japanese Hardware Sales

The figures are out for last week’s Japanese hardware sales, and they look as follows below, with Sony's PSP on top and their PSPgo, at the bottom:
PSP - 28,747 units
DSi - LL 24,189 units
Wii - 21,092 units
PS3 - 19,420 units
DSi - 18,202 units
Xbox 360 - 6,056 units
DS Lite - 5,059 units
PS2 - 1,475 units
PSP go - 831 units
The PSP continues to be the highest selling sole SKU, although the accumulative DS models are selling nearly double in total. After a strong couple of weeks for the Xbox 360 following the new ‘S’ model, its sales are dropping slightly, and the PS3 and Wii continue to pace one another with around 20,000 units sold per week.

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