Monday, 23 August 2010

Krome Studios Faces Lay-Offs, Possible Shuttering

The games industry's bad news isn't just limited to Scotland. Australia's largest games developer, Krome Studios, have axed possibly 100 jobs across three studios. There were reports that Melbourne and Brisbane have seen heavy cuts, while Adelaide has been closed down, with rumours that Melbourne was next to be shuttered. Gamespot AU confimed the reports with Krome, though Krome stated that the Adelaide studio was on a four week notice, pending the result of current projects. Scepticism is high about that not being the case, however. To quote Tony Albrecht's Twitter account: "I've heard that before".

This is where it hurts to tell the truth: Krome did this to themselves. Their games have routinely been slammed by critics, with their Clone Wars games being gregariously bad. The Microsoft Game Room, though receiving absolutely no help from Microsoft, was destroyed by bad support and worse bugs, as I pointed out in a feature on the service back in April. It's hard to expect a studio to keep making so many mistakes and stay alive, especially in this extremely competitive industry in a down economy.

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Anonymous said...

The company will be lucky to last till the end of the year.

Adelaide gone first ..Melbourne with in the next 2 months .. and Brisbane gone with in 6 months.