Tuesday, 31 August 2010

KORG M01 Slated For December Release In Japan

DETUNE, the company behind the KORG DS synthesizer games, has announced that they are releasing KORG M01 in Japan in December, at the price of ¥5,980. It is DETUNE's take on the KORG M1 synthesizer, which was originally released in 1988 and has been used by bands from Aerosmith to Depeche Mode.

Over on Diehard GameFAN, Thosquanta guitarist and VOX keyboardist Adam Powell wrote a review of the software:
"I can't really call it a game as it's not a game - when it came out for both the DS and DSi."
As a professional, Mr. Powell knows what he's talking about, and if he approves, that should be indicative of the power that this little DS cart holds.

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