Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kojima Discusses Subs Vs Dubs In New Castlevania Title

Hideo Kojima has been active with his Twitter account once again with recent updates entailing the subject of subtitling versus dubbing in games and the upcoming title Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Referring to the localisation process that is underway for the newest Castlevania title, Kojima has tweeted on the issue following debate stirring from some of his followers regarding the matter (kindly translated by Andriasang):
"For both dubbing and subtitles, the question is if it's 'a dubbing done with love' or 'a subtitling done with love'. So, you can't simply say if one is good or bad."

"If you understood the original language, there would be no need for this. However, as the first step in understanding a different culture, subtitles or dubbing are effective. I believe they're necessary in order to get started with the different cultures of the world."
It appears that Kojima wants to give a well-rounded response to the issue and would take each case on its own merits rather than generalise about the point under debate.

Kojima further went on to write on his Twitter page that for the Japanese dub of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow they will be recording the voiceovers first and then do the lip-syncing of the in-game characters afterwards which is the reverse of how the process is normally done.

We know that Kojima is a regular Tweeter but it also acts a reliable means for continuous information from the father of Metal Gear Solid. Do you have any preferences for a particular language when playing games? Are you quite open about the options or are you a staunch advocate of subs and Japanese voices, or English-dubbed voice instead?

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