Thursday, 5 August 2010

Kinect Lag Is Down To The Developers

Blitz Games CTO Andrew Oliver has commented on lag issues with Microsoft's Kinect stating the problem can be eliminated if developers used the proper software techniques. Oliver is currently working on 'The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout' for Kinect, and said the technology takes time to work out but any cracks are easy fixable:
“[Depending] on what technology you’re using, I have seen a few games with a bit of lag, but that is the software choice of the creators; they’ve programmed it a certain way, and they’ll come up with new techniques."

“We will tighten and tighten it. There doesn’t need to be a lag. We can get it down to maybe two frames behind, which is pretty insignificant; you won’t notice. We’re just learning new tricks. Ours is pretty tight."

“There are various technologies involved. Some people are using a skeletal system, and it takes a little bit of time to calculate. It’s only a split second. We’re actually using a different masking system, which can tighten things up."

“But this is all software-based, so where some people might see some little cracks, they’re easily fixable by software. That is, the camera fundamentally works and gives you the input; game designers are running forward in a completely new area and learning this stuff. It’s like any console."

“The first few games will look like nothing compared to second and third generation.”
Which is always the case. Inevitably, we're gonna see a lot of crap with the arrival of Kinect. Screenshots above of the Wii version, but it'll more or less be the same.

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