Monday, 9 August 2010

Kinect Is Cheap For Multiplayer But Not For Single Player Experience boss Igor Cipolletta has recently said that compared to similar offerings from Microsoft's competitors Nintendo and Sony, the upcoming Kinect controller offers good value in terms of multiplayer. He was, however, a little less enthusiastic about whether this was the case for the single player experience and this to say on the matter to MCV:
"If you compare the cost of Kinect to a full set of Wii or Move controllers, you can see that Kinect will work out as the cheaper option,”... ...“But for the sole, hardcore gamer, it looks a very expensive option as a substitute for a joypad."

“That said, Nintendo and Sony allow you to build up your multiplayer options by buying additional Wii Remotes or Move controllers as and when needed, whereas Kinect is a one-off cost."

“Also, the RRP may have the unfortunate effect of deterring any impulse buyers.”
Valid points made and if only one person is going to pay the £129.99 RRP for Kinect when it's released then naturally they will be more out of pocket but being dedicated gamers they'll get their value from the purchase. Also, gamers have friends they can get around on a Friday night, to play with, right?

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