Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Kane And Lynch 2 Gets 9/10 In OXM

The first review of Kane and Lynch 2 has appeared in the Official Xbox magazine and has garnered a 9/10 score. The review praises the soundtrack and ambient sounds in the game and says that it "surpasses even Dead Space in its craftsmanship" which is really something to say the least. The review also says of the gameplay that:
'The no-expense-spared attitude to audio is found in everything, from voice acting to writing, to visuals, to the shooting, to the level design, to the multiplayer to the beautiful main menu.'
The multiplayer is also welcomed in the review and is something that was sorely missing from the first game. You’ll have to buy the magazine to read the full review but it sounds like Kane and Lynch may be here to stay after all.

It's due to release on August 17th in the US and August 20th across Europe and if you preorder and purchase it from Steam, you can get yourself 10% off.

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