Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Jailbreaking the iPhone a Whole Lot Easier Now

Less than a week after an American court ruled that the process of "jailbreaking" a device - specifically, removing developer created restrictions on purchased hardware - is legal, the #1 target of jailbreakers - the iPhone and iPad - now has the easiest way of performing the process yet. JailbreakMe 2.0 is a process of breaking the iPhone and iPad that involves nothing more than browsing to a website from Safari and allowing the process to work. This allows iPhone owners to use cell providers other than AT+T (in the US), and run unauthorized applications.

Before running off to jailbreak your device, bear in mind that this runs off of a vulnerability in Safari, which not only could cause issues with the phone itself, but is a way for malware to get onto the phone if you're not careful. Furthermore, jailbreaking the device puts users into a cat and mouse game with Apple, who is still able to issue updates that eliminate or block jailbreak attempts. Finally, be careful that unauthorized applications put you at a greater risk of damaging or "bricking" your phone, which Apple will not fix as it violates their Terms of Service. Still, if this does not dissuade you, the process couldn't be easier.

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