Monday, 30 August 2010

Hirai Confident PS3 Will Beat PS2 Sales

SCE CEO Kazuo Hirai has said that the company's aim is for the PS3 to outsell the PS2 within its life cycle with the current target to beat being 146m units.

So far 38m units of the PS3 have flown off of store shelves and Hirai is confident that number will increase to a total of 150m units sold by the year 2016. He said of the forecast that “For PS3, that is one level of success we’d like to emulate and hopefully surpass at the end of the ten-year lifecycle.”

Hirai also commented on how the arm of Sony under his leadership needs to concentrate more on its international strategy and how SCE's Japan office has been restructured and now consists of three separate departments focusing on console (PS3 and PS2), handheld (PSP) and accessories.

Do you think Hirai's forecast of 150 million PS3s sold by 2016 is realistic? And do you see Sony achieving this sales target within the next six years?

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