Thursday, 19 August 2010

Heavy Rain Creator Was Doubtful Of Title Success

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference Europe this week, director of PS3 title Heavy Rain David Cage said that his own studio Quantic Dream did not expect the game to turn out to be a success, nor did the publisher of the title Sony.

The game has experienced worldwide sales of over 1.5 million units so far, quelling the developer's and Sony's fears in the process. Cage further went on to talk about how developers should endeavour to make original titles for a hungry adult gaming audience:
"My advice is to make something new. If there is not a very strong barrier to what you do, don't do it. Try to find something that is really unique because this is the best business proposal. Have balls, be courageous, not adventurous, be crazy, not insane, be creative, not lunatic."

"Publishers in general don't have balls. You need to come with a new idea and give them reason to trust you."
Sounds like Cage is rallying to motivate his fellow developers to create more innovative titles like his own then. Would you enjoy more gaming experiences like Heavy Rain or that are like no other game on the market?

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