Friday, 27 August 2010

Google's Head of Gaming Resigns

Just four months into his reign at the top of Google's games division and "Developer Advocate", Mark DeLoura has resigned from his post. While offering praise for the people at Google and involved with the Chrome Web Store, he only said that it "was not the perfect fit for (him)". Mr. DeLoura had previously been the Vice President of Technology at Zoo Games Inc., in addition to roles at Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. He is also the former Editor in Chief at Game Developer Magazine.

The resignation comes amidst scepticism about Google's plans in social gaming, which include heavy investing in Zynga and an ambitious Chrome Web Store that is intending to rival Apple's App Store.

This puts Google's position in a bit of doubt, as there's no telling which direction they're going to go now. It could be argued that Google didn't have much in the way of direction in the first place with how spread out they've been in their moves as they try to tie Android and Chrome together. We could speculate for days as to the reasons and minutia behind the resignation of Mr. DeLoura, but the end product is that Google's direction in social gaming is murkier now than it was back in July.

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