Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Dated for North America

The newest title in the critically acclaimed Golden Sun series, subtitled Dark Dawn, has received a November 29th release date in North America. The game takes place 30 years after Golden Sun: The Lost Age and adds modern niceties such as dual screen and touch controls to the classic Golden Sun lineage.

Camelot is a great developer, and I know many of my friends that will be excited about this release; it's sure to sell well among its niche. However, I'm with Nick Chester that this is a terrible day to release the game. Not only is it going up against the standard AAA releases that are sure to swallow it whole, it's going up post-Thanksgiving, which is after a lot of holiday shopping is going to be finished. As I've stated, sales will be high among JRPG and Golden Sun fans, but this isn't going to have much crossover penetration at all, even despite Nintendo's considerable marketing muscle.

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