Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Free Online Games Are No Problem Say GameStop

A recent interview with the general manager of American games retailer GameStop, Chris Petrovic, has highlighted not only the endorsement of online free-to-play games but also that they are no prominent threat to their physical media side of the business.

Regarding engaging in something that is more orientated towards giving rather than generating revenue, Petrovic had this to offer on the matter:
“It’s an opportunity, not a challenge.”
Referring to Gamestop and the customers' position in this endeavour, he said that:
“If we can extend those touch points and extend beyond bricks and mortar stores then it is a win-win for them and us as they will continue to see us as a trusted destination – regardless of whether it is for the physical or digital.”
He further added that:
“The benefit of any digital business is that it is location agnostic. It does give us purview into those territories where we don’t have a physical presence. It gives us an opportunity to make an entrée into areas where we don’t have a retail presence at all, or where our retail presence isn’t as strong as other countries.”
Although it sounds like the company is still getting its head around how to strengthen their position in the online market it makes for some interesting ideas as to what GamSstop will evolve into over the next few years. Would you like to see GameStop grow to something akin to Amazon or Play in size and presence?

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