Monday, 30 August 2010

Former Soldier Gets Worked, Frustrated By 12 Year Old "Bastard"

Lt. Col. (Ret) Hank Keirsey is a decorated soldier, a man with 24 years of Army service, a man who was elite enough to become the chief of military training at West Point, the elite academy where officers are trained and molded.

Yet in an interview with CVG, Hank told of the time he met his match: a screaming prepubescent. Col. Keirsey is a consultant to Treyarch, who are developing Call of Duty: Black Ops. He tells the story of is misadventures of playing online:
"When I played the original Call of Duty, after being a soldier, I screwed up a couple things. I know to check corners and when someone jumps out I was kicking myself. It was sufficient and realistic enough that it gave me the damn willies. I was waking up in the middle of the night thinking I could do much better."
Later, he told of something that anyone that's had to play online has dealt with.
"Then you're pissed off in multiplayer when some 12-year-old is kicking your ass. You think: 'I do this for a living you little b*stard.' I'm going to crawl down your basement hatch and I'll find you, you little... 'I know where you live you little b*stard. Use all the expletives you want; when I show up you're going to have a big bar of soap in your mouth and boot up your ass. You little b*stard."
I know too well this frustration. Before I joined the service, I was a high level hockey player, good enough to play semi-professionally. I still officiate college hockey. I get paid to know hockey very well. And yet when I go online to play NHL '10, I get worked 8-2 by some little punk who found an exploit, and is telling me all about it to the point where I have to mute him. I can definitely feel his pain.

With that said, for an indication as to what kind of man Lt. Col. Keirsey is, read this article, which tells the story of just how the colonel got discharged from the military. The man is admirable.

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