Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Facebook Recruiting Social Execs To Enhance Gaming Presence

Facebook is in the process of recruiting an executive into their ranks with the view to create future deals with gaming studios and publishers in order to strengthen their social games network presence. An extract from the job being offered reads:
“Facebook is seeking a leader for our Strategic Partner Development team to develop and enhance successful partnerships and influence internal and external partners and industry stakeholders in the Gaming industry.”

“This job requires high levels of creativity and strategic thinking, as you’ll be called upon to help both large, incumbent gaming companies as well as venture-backed gaming start-ups develop innovative social gaming experiences building on Facebook Platform.”
This move to recruit a new executive into strengthening their position in the social gaming market could be seen as a measure to counter Google's recent activity with potential purchases of companies that will help strengthen their presence in the same market as well.

Do you want to see more social gaming from Facebook? Do you even care? Feel free to comment below.

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