Wednesday, 11 August 2010

ESA: Games Industry Growing Rapidly - Worth $5 Billion To US GDP

The Entertainment Software Association, ostensibly the lobbying arm of the video game industry in America, has released a report stating that while the U.S. economy is in a bit of a holding pattern, the video game industry is booming. According to their report (PDF), the growth of the industry is outpacing the growth of the economy 10.6% to 1.4%, or 7.6 times, from 2005-2009. They also reported that there are an estimated 120,000 employees in the industry, and that the industry was responsible for $4.9 billion in gross domestic product. Furthermore, the average annual compensation - including wages, salaries, pensions, insurance, etc. - per employee in the industry was $98,781.

This information is staggering, and is further proof that video games are no longer just a hobbyist niche, but big business as well. While these numbers can't hold steady forever, this is certainly good news.

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