Wednesday, 25 August 2010

ELSPA Weighs In On Medal Of Honor Debate

The UK games-related monitoring organisation ELSPA has commented on the ongoing debate regarding EA's upcoming Medal of Honour title that has caused controversy within the media as of late.

In response to comments made by Defence Secretary Liam Fox regarding the upcoming title and his encouragement of retailers to voluntarily boycott the game, ELSPA's director general Michael Rawlinson commented:
“There should be absolutely no link inferred or implied regarding support for our troops serving anywhere in the world based upon a retailer selling this game.”
He further commented on the relationship between current government and the UK games industry, explaining that:
“Relations between government and the industry have never been closer.”

“Unfortunately there might well be games which from time to time are within the law yet are deemed offensive by some members of the public."
MCV also added that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has distanced itself from the remarks made recently by Fox.

Do you think the comments by Liam Fox hold any weight or is it another case of a sensational reaction to a matter where the accuser does not know all the facts?

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