Thursday, 5 August 2010

EA Trademark Filings Hint At New Syndicate Title

Though we haven't seen a new Syndicate title since 1997, it's possible the drought might be broken. EA has filed three more new trademarks related to the series, which is in addition to the three that popped up back in April.

After Electronic Arts bought original developer Bullfrog in 1995 and released Syndicate Wars in '96, the franchise has been dormant. This, combined with the release of Populous on the Playstation Network, indicates that EA might realize the treasure trove they're sitting on finally. For those unfamiliar with Syndicate, Hardcore Gaming 101 has a look at the series, and we posted a trailer of the original title back in October 2008 following first rumours of a remake. Catch up on all the recent news surrounding a Syndicate remake here.

As long as they don't do to it what 2K is doing with X-Com, I'm good.

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