Wednesday, 25 August 2010

EA: "Game Budgets Have Peaked - Starting To Go In Reverse"

An executive of EA Partners, David DeMartini, has expressed his opinions on budgets for games when speaking recently at the GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany last week. Mr. DeMartini commented on the matter, explaining that:
"I think budgets for games have actually peaked and are starting to move in the reverse direction again."
He also commented on increased consumer awareness, saying that:
"Consumers are so much more informed. Before you occasionally used to be able to slide a clunker out there and still do well, but now people are so informed by the various outlets that I don’t think anybody makes an uninformed purchase anymore."
Do you think a large production budget guarantees the quality of a title or are you more interested in whether the game hits all the right areas no matter how basic or highly-polished it appears?

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