Wednesday, 11 August 2010

EA Founder Believes Console Will Die When Cloud Gaming Matures

Trip Hawkins, the founder of EA has shared his opinion that console exclusives, and consoles as a platform in general will become extinct once publishers get to grips with Cloud Gaming:
“For much of the history of the industry, it was a winner takes all, single platform model. Clearly it’s never going to be that way again."

“In the future, any kind of game company will have to have a technology approach that gives them agility across platform boundaries."

“That’s going to play into where gaming needs to go, which is to become like SAS – or Software as a Service – where customers are going to the Cloud, where they have an account and where they have virtual items and they can play."

“But they might come in from a variety of different devices. It’s going to be about simplicity and convenience and making that model work.”
Big words from a big dude. More here.

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